We are Exeter University’s K-Pop Society! At our core we’re about celebrating our common love of K-Pop and accommodate all tastes. We run a huge range of events year round from regular dance tutorials to game nights, socials, showcases and more. For the coming year we understand the difficulties ahead but we’re committed to bringing you a fun and event-packed year and we’d love you to be there!
-Love committee

Our Key Values


Dance Tutorials

We run regular dance tutorials and teach a huge range of dances including boy groups, girl groups and solo artists. K-Pop dances can be notoriously hard but our tutorials are a relaxed and casual place where it’s just about having fun no matter your dancing skills or experience. Everyone is welcome and there’s no pressure!
Here on committee we have some amazing teachers who teach the tutorials and we can’t wait to continue teaching this year!
We hope to see you there!

P.s for details on our COVID plan for events such as these please see our freshers page!

P.P.S if you’d like to see more check our insta for videos from last year’s tutorials

Showcases/ Competitions

We have a big passion for all things K-Pop dance and we love to showcase our members amazing talents! Every year we run a showcase in the M&D room on campus where groups or individuals are able to perform covers of K-Pop dances. It’s such a highlight of the year for lots of our members.
We also partake in National K-Pop dance competitions where Universities from all over the country compete!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us on our socials!

Other Events

As a society we run a whole range of events so if dance isn’t your thing we have lots else on! We run regular games and quiz nights which are also a lot of fun and we offer awesome prizes if we do say so ourselves!
We also run lots of socials for you to get to know your fellow members such as a Christmas dinner, karaoke nights, pres events and more.
Overall we want our society to be a place to make friends and memories!

P.S For details on our COVID plan concerning events please see our freshers page.

Freshers and COVID

With the COVID situation there are many unknowns about how university will look for both new and existing students in the coming year. We as a committee remain in constant contact with the student guild and have been working hard all summer to give you the best society experience we can.
While for the time being details about being able to run in person events are unclear, we are planning on running our society as normally as possible. We will be running a plethora of online events. Dance tutorials will also be moved online for the time being with the hope of moving events back in person where safe and possible. We have planned a diverse range of events (online and in person) and remain highly active on our socials. We want to be able to continue to be a communicative and friendly society and ensure you get amazing value for your membership.

If you are interested in joining our society and want to know more, including our membership prices, please be sure to check out our freshers stall during freshers week or our Students guild society page!

Social media

Click the icons above for links to our social media pages, student guild website and links to our Spotify and YouTube where you can find our playlists we’ve been uploading over summer!